About us

We specialize in sales, consulting and deliveries of FMGC products and fertilizers, grains, sugar and other products, including diesel oil, to global markets. We operate based on a comprehensive supply chain and logistics for the above-mentioned. products and other materials.

Our logistics capabilities: up to 3 million tons per year in deliveries, loading and unloading.

We cooperate with world-famous, proven manufacturers and suppliers, intermediating and providing advisory, logistic and international trade services in the above-mentioned areas. goods.

We have comprehensive facilities in the field of railway transport and service as well as sea transport.

Ship transport

We have freight handling ports, with a wharf for unloading and loading, including full infrastructure.

We handle freight from 15,000 to 40,000 tons.

Train transport

We have rolling stock for the transport of loose materials, containers and the relevant railway terminals with a freight handling capacity of up to 150,000 tons.

We operate diesel tankers and two fuel depots with a total capacity of 54,000 tons.